Built in a residential area called Akodessewa Lome, close to all amenities including supermarkets, pharmacies, one of the main arteries of Lomé Mobotou Sesseko Boulevard, convenience stores, Residence Oralys has two levels.

This prestigious residence offers a panoramic view of the area from the roof-top patio.
Within a few-minute walk distance from residence Oralys, you will enjoy several leisure centers, visit the famous market Akodessewa, picnic at the beach ...

Interesting sites to visit (source: Togo-tourism)
Auberge du Lac- Kpessi: windsurfing, canoeing, jet skiing and gliding in a catamaran.
The market’s fishing port is an opportunity to discover the traditional way of fishing.
The German Cathedral, located downtown is a good starting point for visiting the city.
The Governors Palace was built between 1898 and 1905, under the technical direction of the German civil engineer, FURTKAMP.
The hand-made crafts market, found on the street “la Rue des Arts” very near to the Golfe Hotel, where they sell all sorts of art objects. It is a great place to buy souvenirs and well- informed visitors’ find valuable items.
The Akodessewa Mask (mascot) market, is the place where you can purchase Togolese items as well as traditional medicine. Feathers, animal skull and skins, herbs and allsorts of things said to possess magical qualities, and small carved fetishes, have the power to protect individuals from bad luck and, according to the vendors, their effectiveness is guaranteed.
The great market of Lomé:beautiful place to discover.