The price includes accommodation, water and gas. The number of persons must not exceed seven (7) for the first floor.
The following table summarizes the price according to the duration of stay:
PS Unforeseen cases shall be discussed with the owner.

1 day1 week1 month2 months3 months1 year
1 room30953506259003450
2 rooms4514549590013005000
3 rooms70160580100014505500

Means and methods of payment

Four ways of payment are available to our guest (s): cash payment, cash bank transfer (in Europe), money transfer (Western Union) or cheque.

  • Payment by cash shall be made in person at Residence Oralys’s owners place.
  • Payment by cash bank transfer will be accepted only in Europe
  • Payment by western Union (eg) is accepted from everywhere around the globe.
  • Payment by cheque is accepted from the following countries: France, Canada and the United States.
Rental is per room. It should be noted that the tenant has all the parts of the level in addition to the desired number of rooms rented. From 3 people, it is mandatory to lease at least 2 bedrooms.
30% of the amount is payable at the signing of the lease. It is non-refundable except in cases of force majeure duly justified (illness, death of a loved one ...) with a charge of 50% of the amount paid. The rest of the amount will be paid at the reception of keys in Lome.